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Rosetta Stone by Brown’s Dealership


First Delivery of Rosetta Stone

Look and feel of natural weathered stone.


Blackscape is an authorized Dealer of Rosetta and Brown’s

Firepits, Garden walls, flagstone, retaining walls, step and paving stones


Blackscape now has stock

Also carrying paving stones and traditional hardscape products by Brown’s

Visit browns concrete for more details


Mulch & Soil Products

Premium Triple Mix 

Gromax Flower Soil

Black Earth Soil

Screened Topsoil

Black Mulch (Cedar)

Enhanced Pine Mulch (SPM) 

Gold Enhanced Mulch

Red Enhanced Mulch

Dark Red Mulch

Stone Products

1 Inch River Stone

2" to 5" River Stone

3/4 Inch River Stone

Pea Stone

5/8" Limestone Gravel

7/8 Clear Gravel

Stone Dust


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Blackscape Supply located in Brockville has various landscaping/garden supplies and also propane exchange. Come in and have a face to face conversation to see what satisfies your garden  Also providing bagging and delivery. Blackscape Supply in Brockville garden material landscape supply


General Seed

Come in and check out some of our amazing products from General Seed!


Firegear Outdoors

Carrying a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces from Firegear Outdoors!

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Blackscape Supply

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Now open 7 days per week excluding holidays.  For visit outside regular hours just call and we will meet you at the yard.  

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